Purim tablets from Himalaya Herbal healthcare are useful when acne vulgaris and rosacea displayed and for treatment of these skin diseases. Order Purim for the treatment of acne vulgaris and rosacea with an herbal supplement from Himalaya Herbal healthcare at our online drugstore - Pharmacy XL. Buy Purim tablets with free shipping here for a guaranteed low price at our online pharmacy which is specialized in herbal medications as well as skin care products like Purim. Skincare is very important as it is the first people see from you and the first impression counts. Also a beautiful skin has very positive aspects on the general wellbeing and confidence of a person. Neem is another product from Himalaya which is for treatment of Acne.

Purim its antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, wound healing and anti-allergic properties work synergistically to treat skin infections. As a hepatostimulant, the drug improves liver function and its detoxifying property removes toxic metabolic products from the body. Purim provides symptomatic relief in skin allergies and dermatitis.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is focused on producing and developing safe, natural and innovative remedies that help people live better and healthier. Their products like Purim are highly reliable, all-natural and effective.

Funny fact about Purim it also has a totally other meaning. Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated annually in the month of Adar, which falls typically in February or March on the Gregorian calendar. It commemorates the events described in the Book of Esther, which is part of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. Purim is a festive holiday known for its joyous celebrations, customs, and traditions.

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Each Purim bottle contains 60 tablets.

Per Bottles
60 caps x 1 bottle
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60 caps x 2 bottles
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Product Description


Common use of Purim

Purim tablets are useful when the following symptoms are displayed: acute and chronic dermatitis; hyperpigmentation in chronic dermatitis; cutaneous manifestations in worm infestations; acne vulgaris and rosacea associated with acneiform postulation.

Purim Dosage and direction
Please consult your physician to determine the Purim dosage that best suits your condition.

Precautions when using Purim
Purim should be used with caution in consumers with hypertension.

Contraindications of Purim
Contraindications of Purim have not yet been identified.

Possible side effects of Purim
Purim is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the dosage.

Drug interactions of Purim
If you are unsure whether the herbal supplement is compatible with other supplements you take consult your practitioner. It is not recommended to take this product simultaneously with other similar supplements.

Missed dose of Purim
If you miss a dose of Purim of this herbal product and you are using it regularly, take it as soon as possible. Do not take 2 doses at once.

Purim Overdose
Being very effective the supplement should be taken with a great care. Consult your health care advisor both on the need and the dosage of taking this product. If you don't feel well after taking it for some time please seek a professional help.

Purim Storage
Store Purim tablets at the room temperature away from moisture and sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.

All products presented at this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't hesitate to consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbal supplement.

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